The FraternitySim


About us

Low-Level-Heaven was born out of a private project already started in 2016.
We learned a lot about the Mission Editor and his capabilities at that time because we do not use additional Lua Script within our missions.

With DCS 2.5 most of the work done so far in 1.5 was obsolete and needed a total revision.
Also, our own requirements have changed, and we wanted to implement much more details to improve the real-life impression.
In fact, our goal was to create a kind of an interactive movie instead of a, go from hear tother, do this or that, and fly back home mission.

At this point it was clear, the project needs much more working hours and the current hardware required to be improved, an additional investment that has well reassessed.

At that point, we get the assistance of AV&IT as a friendly turn.
They provide us with the logistics and hardware necessary, as well as the legal background when it comes to being a 3rd party developer.

Many thanks to the CO's Michael Herkert and Tobias Zimmer, for their continuing selfless support. Both of them and that is hard to believe, have no interest and no clue about DCS or flight simulators in general