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April 5.2019

For any reason we missed an e-mail by NineLine in January, pointing out some issues with the Campaign video.
On 5. of April we get informed again, fixed all the problems and uploaded the new release Video ( now 12 Missions and new video background music).
So looking forward and still hoping for a release in a reasonable amount of time, at least within 2019.


March 25.2019

WORLDS APART Spring 2025 Mission Files updatet ad uploadet for Eagle Dynamics.


March 2019

After one of the latest updates to DCS, AI UH -1 door gunners now working. And in general, the Helicopter AI behaves much better and much more intelligent. This opens several opportunities not only for gameplay as also to the in-game atmosphere.
So currently we implement these improvements to our upcoming WORLDS APART Spring Campaign.

A better AI also effects the Game balance and the level of difficulty. Therefore we decided to split one of the missions into tow single parts. So what's in the storyline a campaign of 11 missions contains now a total number of 12 separate flyable missions.


February 20. 2019

Start working on SNOW DESERT Mission 2

There is still no response from ED concerning the release of our Spring Campaign : (


February 03. 2019

The first free of charge Mission is available exclusive until March over


January 23. 2019

Unfortunate we still have no response and no information from ED about the processing of our WORLDS APART Spring Campaign and a possible date of release.
So AVP&IT set the second Campaign we are already working on, on hold.
That's the bad news.
The good news is:
In the meantime, we are working on one or more missions for the UH-1 community, distributed free of charge.
The first mission will be available in February exclusive throughout four weeks on  https://thefraternitysim.com/. 


January 09. 2019

Waiting for a response from ED

In the meanwhile, we release the second IMPRESSION video today. : )


December 20. 2018

All documents and mission files are updated.


December 13. 2018

WORLDS APART Spring 2025 trailer released on YouTube


December 2018

Internal tests at ED on hold, because of some spelling issues in the mission documentation.
We are working hard on it to delete any creative spelling within the paperwork as soon as possible.


October 2018

The Spring 2025 Campaign is sending to ED for testing.


September 2018

Distribution agreement signed. Now we are an Official 3td. party  developer for DCS


20th August 2018

Actual we apply for DCS 3th Party status.
We have sent the First Missions of our WORLDS APART UH-1 Caucasus Campaign including full documentation to Eagle Dynamics for evaluation.


18th March 2018

Get in contact with Matt from Eagle Dynamics